2017 Lisle Ale Fest
Musical Line-up

All great things come in threes: morning, noon, night; breakfast, lunch, dinner; three wishes from a Genie, and of course, Trés Moustache, the collaboration of three perfect musical minds known as Yonke, Hammer, and Booty. Taking influences from all of their favorite musicians, Trés Moustache brings perfect live acoustic sound to any room, street, or venue they play at, and they rarely leave people without tears in their eyes. People love their tenacity while on stage, and their witty banter keeps audiences craving their every moment of musical pleasure.

Chris, Ryan, and Pat have each been playing music for almost 20 years. Together, they have been melting faces for 7 years and every moment of it has been awe-inspiring. In addition to writing some great tunes together, the band has turned some already great cover songs into absolutely glorious pieces of music. Ryan and Pat are most definitely two of the most consistently great guitarists that have ever graced the musical stage